Covid 19 Response

In these troubling and uncertain times, we’re fully behind our health service professionals, teachers, students, and parents who are being put in new situations daily. We’ll get through this stronger than we started. 

As many students nationwide are at home doing distance learning, we’re doing what we can to help those students out. We’re offering all of our SAT videos for free to students during the coronavirus crisis from now until the June 6th SAT. We’re adding video lessons a few times per week. 

To access the videos, click here

Additionally, all of our classes and tutoring will be held virtually. 

Stay healthy, wash your hands, and #SummonAWizard! But, uhh, summon us virtually because we’re practicing social distancing as well. 

Standardized Testing Analysis

Test Prep Wizards (TPW) uses advanced analytics to analyze tests and provide institutions, schools, tutors, and individuals highly personalized and incredibly detailed score reporting for SATs, ACTs, and many other standardized tests. In addition, we use our intimate knowledge of not only the content on tests, but also the trends of the tests to provide the same populations with incredibly cost-effective and efficient methods of preparation. These high-stakes tests are ever changing and, unlike many other companies with tens of thousands of already printed (and thus paid for) books in warehouses, we adjust our materials, reporting, and algorithms with every released test or press release.

Our Upcoming Classes!

SAT Classes

May SAT Course

June SAT Course (begins 4/5/20)


AP Review Classes

AP Review classes for Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, and Statistics

Classes begin 4/19, barring any coronavirus updates.


for a Diagnostic SAT or ACT at Either Our Fairfield or Milford Location

Fairfield Testing

Milford Testing

Case Studies

Ansonia High School

Test Prep Wizards provided three SATs to 40 students in 2015 and again in 2016 along with full diagnostic reporting for the company running an SAT program. Using the information in the Test Prep Wizards score reports, the company was able to put together an action plan for the students.


Divide students into two sets of math classes and two sets of verbal classes based on scores from the initial test.


Students in the program who took all three tests went up an average of 123 points (58 on math, 65 on verbal). These scores are on the 1600 scale.