For Institutions

With so much more emphasis being placed on standardized tests than ever before, it is no wonder why so many more schools and institutions are developing in-house test preparation programs or contracting outside companies to aid students.

Our diagnostic testing and score reporting is a very low-cost way to provide every student at your school or institution with an ACT or SAT (or other standardized test) and then get an incredibly detailed report outlining every nuance of your population’s test. We offer our standard score reports for Institutions (see here) or, if there is something else you would like, customized reports based on whatever criteria you specify. In addition, we add your school logo and colors to the score reports free of charge!

All institutions will also receive an emailed individual score report for each student (hard copies can be mailed out for a slight charge) outlining the individual strengths, weaknesses, personalized answer key, and avenues for improvement for that particular student. Students will also get to keep the hard copies of the test that they took so that they can self-analyze or correct mistakes with instructors.

Score reporting can also be used to track progress over time and assess the effectiveness of programs. Simply purchase the number of tests you would like and we can update the reporting to show how that student (and the class as a whole) has performed on those tests, sections, and topics on all test taken.

Why do you need our diagnostic testing?

  • Without a baseline score and final score, it is impossible to gauge the effectiveness of a program or contractor.

  • Our reports give the areas of need for the individuals testing; this can help your program or contractor adjust programs to hit the high-importance topics first in a curriculum.

  • Our reporting can provide some topics that can be naturally worked into class time or homework and save your school or institutions THOUSANDS of dollars.

  • Since we use only REAL, RECENT, and RELEASED tests, you know that your students are getting the most up-to-date tests possible—not a cheap knock-off test like those used by many other companies.

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