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Current Openings: Instructor (Academic or Test Preparation)

Let’s be honest with each other. If you’re reading a job posting for a tutoring job, you know what you need to do. Do we need to put together a bullet list saying you need to be organized, empathetic, and knowledgeable? Probably not. If you’re unsure what tutoring entails, go Google “tutor job description” and the multitude of sites that pop up will steer you in the right direction.

Instead of talking about the things you need to be able to do in order be a successful instructor, we’d rather talk about what type of person we’re looking for. Put another way, here are the characteristics we’re looking for, not the skills. 

  1. Passionate: We’re looking for individuals who aren’t content with the status quo. We want individuals who are driven by the mindset of “How can I make this better?”
  2. Open-minded: The best educators are those who aren’t married to one approach because “That’s how I’ve always done it.” We need people to be mentally flexible since not all students learn the same way. Additionally, ideal candidates will be reflective and not afraid to admit and learn from mistakes.
  3. Vocal: As a team, we need to be able to hold each other accountable. You must be able to speak up, even if you think it will hurt someone’s feelings.
  4. Able to switch roles: We’re looking for individuals who can switch among being students, teachers, and peers. Knowing when you’re in which role is vital for success.
  5. Technologically adaptive: Our ideal team member understands that technology can aid both in educational delivery as well as painting a picture of a student’s strengths and weaknesses. An instructor should not be hesitant to learn and adapt to new media.

Additionally, it would be amazing if you were both creative and analytical, but most people are not. However, we’re happy to have one of the two. Certain students benefit more from one personality type over the other.

We believe that we can achieve amazing results when the expectations are high. Now, there are plenty other companies without this level of expectation—why would you join our company?

  • We offer an environment of free thinking in which you can feel comfortable being you.
  • We provide personal development tools such as Myers-Briggs assessments and educational opportunities.
  • We trust you to do whatever is in the best interest of the student-learner and teach only what you feel comfortable teaching.
  • After certain work milestones, we provide you with resources such as personal iPads, Apple pencils, and even remote workspaces.
  • Our system allows you to set your own hours and have people book only what you want to work.
  • We handle marketing and advertising for you and work with you to determine what is the best way to market your skills.
  • The majority of what we charge for your time with clients goes directly to you. That is, we pay a premium for your services.