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Getting ready to prepare for a test that could... A: Change your life B: Improve your college choices C: Help you stand out from your peers D: All of the above

Have you taken a PSAT, SAT, or ACT only to get a score report that does little more than tell you scores and let know you didn’t do well on something like the Heart of Algebra? What is the Heart of Algebra anyways? Is there a Spleen of Algebra class you missed along the way?

Worse yet, are you panicking because you got an 1120 on the PSAT, but took a test at the local test preparation place, you know, the one that guarantees 300 points of improvement on the SAT or 7 points on the ACT, and only got a 970? Wow—is the real test really THAT hard?

Put yourself at ease and begin the process the real way—with actual tests released from College Board or ACT. If you bomb it, then you know you have some work to do. Nail it? Maybe it’s time to start looking to take the test sooner than you thought. Either way, in addition to getting a REAL score that only you have to see, you will get an incredibly detailed report outlining EXACTLY what topics you need to work on and which topics you need to do little more than say “Hi” to and keep it moving.


Released College Board SAT Links

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SAT Test 5
SAT Test 2
SAT Test 6
SAT Test 3
SAT Test 7
SAT Test 4
SAT Test 8

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