Learn How We Help You Crush Standardized Tests

The Not-So-Secret Sauce

Our approach to testing is a simple one: know what you do well on and know what you don’t do well on. We’ve been working with standardized tests with all sorts of abbreviations for close to 15 years. Our goal? Know the test inside and out. That is, know the test as well as the test writers do.

We’ve broken down every released test in excruciating detail and analyzed things others wouldn’t even think to do. Lexiles for reading passages? We know that. How often you see a medium difficulty similar triangles question on the SAT? We got an answer for you. Is it true there are more scientific knowledge questions on the Science section on the ACT nowadays than 5 years ago? Sadly, yes.

We’ve taken this intimate understanding of the tests and provided what we think is the most common sense way to break up topics on the test so you can prepare individually or as an institution for the test of your choice.


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