“I’ve started having all my students use TPW’s reporting for their SAT and ACT sections that they do for homework. There is so much less preparation on my part before sessions now that I was able to take an extra 5 tutoring students per week.”

“WIth the help of TPW’s analytics, I was able to work through the 5 tests in the ACT manual and focus on fixing a few items each test; I went from a 28 on the February test to a 33 on the April exam!”

“Hearing Vinny talk to our teachers made me hate these standardized tests even more…however, it is incredibly reassuring to know there are insanely knowledgeable people like him out there working on our side to beat this things! The suggestions he made were easily applicable in our classes and the initial student feedback was that the SAT felt much easier than the PSAT.”

“Many of our students never considered taking an ACT; however, after taking an ACT provided by TPW, at a lower cost than that provided by other companies, many juniors in our class decided that it was a better test for them than the SAT. Almost every student said the proctored test was so helpful—it allowed them to see how quickly they had to work. Just this knowledge allowed those students who took the test offered by TPW to jump up over 2 composite points on the February ACT!”

“The attention to detail on the Institutional Report was otherworldly. With the help of TPW, we were able to pinpoint 5 key areas to work on with our 120 juniors a month before the SAT. Our junior class averaged a 51 point increase on the SAT over last year’s class!”