Lily McGibbon

Purveyor of SAT Knowledge


Liberal Studies and Psychology—Notre Dame

Lily attends Notre Dame, where she has double-majors in the Liberal Studies and Psychology program with a supplemental focus on pre-med. She has scored above the 99th percentile on the current SAT’s Math and Verbal sections. Lily is part of a large family and has tutored her younger siblings for as long as she can remember; additionally, she’s been a peer tutor and taught as a youth instructor as part of her Christian service for high school. 

Lily excels at the piano and accompanying vocals, performing as a pianist and singer for the Concordia Conservatory in Westchester, NY. When Lily is not helping others academically, she’s helping those close to her explore different cuisines and cultures through her love of cooking, especially Indian food—ask her for a great SAT score and Lamb Vindaloo recipe! 

Lily is available for virtual tutoring through Zoom.